Do You Own Property Abroad?

Are you selling abroad?

Are you planning to buy property abroad?

Have you inherited property or land overseas?

It can be difficult to manage land and property when it is
situated in another country. 

Travel is expensive these days.  There are often complex local laws and
requirements that are hard to navigate if you are not familiar with them.

This is when a power of attorney can be very useful.

A power of attorney is when you grant power to a trusted
individual or number of individuals to manage your property matters for you.
Once the power of attorney has been granted, the attorney can sell, buy and
manage your property for you.  This usually
involves all associated matters such as dealing with utilities, banks,
registration, taxes and courts.

I can help you to navigate the rules around granting a power
of attorney from another country and talk you through the risks and

I will ensure that your power of attorney is properly
completed so that it will be accepted in its country of destination.

It is normal for the power of attorney to be drafted by a
lawyer or agent in the country where the property is situated.  If this is not possible, I can discuss your
options with you.

I will be happy to discuss your foreign property
requirements with you and guide you through the process to avoid any pitfalls.

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