Are you interested in Spanish Property or Inheritances?

I am often contacted by people who are either in the process of buying or selling property in Spain or dealing with a deceased relative’s property.

The processes involved can seem to be incredibly confusing.

Let’s face it, buying and selling property in England can be stressful and so when you are dealing with a different country’s laws the process is even more baffling.

Very often, your agent or lawyer in Spain will be dealing with the matter on your behalf.  You will not have the time to keep flying out there to sign papers.  You may need to apply for an NIE number, be sent a Procuration (power of attorney) to sign and you may be asked to provide paperwork relating to a deceased’s estate that you simply do not understand.

This is where I come in.

I can take the stress out of the transaction.  I can liaise with your Spanish lawyers or agents and deal with all of the messy paperwork.  It usually involves just one appointment with me to sort everything out.  You can forward the documents on to me and I handle the rest.  I verify your identity, deal with the documents legally and apply for the Apostille.  I can also arrange for the documentation to be sent straight back to the lawyer or agent in Spain.

Suddenly, a complicated legal process seems so much easier leaving you to get on with the practicalities of the situation.

If you have interests in Spain, or any other country, do call me for a free, no obligation chat.


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